What is the value of precise data extraction

One of the differentiated feature of MetaSeeker is its capability to extract data precisely so that the noise information is inhibited from the results. The result files are like tables in a relational database where each field of the table holds just contents in exact semantics. The further manipulation against the results becomes very straight-forward with the help of data schema. At the same time, the manipulation doesn't need person's involvement to handle special case. This is a must for manipulating and mining data in bulk.

Scenarios needing precise data extraction are:

  • collecting information on commodities from multiple eCommerce sites and providing a price comparing service;
  • collecting information within a special industry and providing a vertical searching service;
  • porting blogs and forum topics from one server to another without making use of APIs;
  • collecting marketing or product information in a special industry and executing competitive intelligence analysis.

There is a common character of above scenarios: data extraction is not the final and there is a complex service logic to manipulate the results further. The extraction results must be as precise in semantics as a database table.