Products and Services on Sale

We provide not only a series of software packages but also professional services on Web data extraction and Web service integration. The following sections introduce the products and services respectively. If you want to pay for any of the items, please click the link Shopping Cart following this item to go to PayPal's shopping cart page.

Software Packages

After you have paid for one of the packages and we have confirmed the receipt, you will be assigned an unique account through which you can visit a software repository and download the latest version or any previous versions of the packages. The account and the URL of the repository will be sent to your email box carried in the payment form.

NOTE: There are only technical supports via email for the products on sale. If you want professional services, e.g. customized Web service integration or outsourced Web data extraction, we provide two payed services described in the second section.

MetaSeeker Toolkit Enterprise

MetaSeeker Toolkit Enterprise
  • MetaCamp Server
  • DataStore Server
  • MetaStudio
  • DataScraper
  • technical support: via email or other paied services negotiated

MetaSeeker Toolkit Online


Professional Data Extraction Service

In fact, you should assign one or more engineers to operate the MetaSeeker toolkit. If you just want to focus on your key business, you can outsource the job to us. We have a professional team to extract wanted Web data for customers.

Average unit price for reference
For sites out China For sites in China
$0.1 per HTML page $0.02 per HTML page

The real unit price depends on levels of difficulty and total number of target pages. There are following general principles:

  • Unit price increases along increasing of extraction difficulty levels;
  • Unit price decreases along increasing of total number of pages.

In normal cases, the following factors may not contribute on unit price:

  • number of types of data snippets or number of tables per target page. For example, one type is for information on Blog's owner and another is for blog entries.
  • number of items per target page, e.g. number of blog entries.
  • number of fields per item, e.g. a product's attributes on a eCommerce site.

Exceptions are too big numbers, e.g. too many types or too many items, which increase the size of a page and decrease the loading speed.

If you want to learn more on pricing or to pay right now, please visit the page on how to order the service.

Customized Web Integration Service

If Web data extraction has an important position in your business operation, e.g. continuously data extraction on the fly such as price comparison services, we recommend that a kind of MetaSeeker Toolkit Enterprise is selected and integrated into your information services. You can outsource the job to our professional Web integration team. If you are interested in the service, please visit the page on how to order the service.