GooSeeker, a community on web data extraction

MetaSeeker V4.11.11 Released. Compared with V3.x, performance, compatibility and usability are improved greatly. Further more, MetaSeeker V4.11.11 Online is FREE. MetaSeeker must be one of the best tools for:
  • vertical search engines / facet search engines
  • mobile search engines
  • recommendation engines
  • Mashup services and information portals
  • information aggregation and search within enterprise
  • information collection for business intelligence
MetaSeeker toolkit continuously extract information in bulk from the Web and store result files with semantic meta data, which are necessary for collecting contents for building up information services.
GooSeeker focus on data schema modeling and data extraction To become a GooSeeker

Facilitiated with the toolkit MetaSeeker, GooSeeker is being built up as a community interested in data schema modeling and data extraction. Here the members can get up-to-date news on GooSeeker's products and activities, take part into discussions on related technology and industries and share knowledge and opinions with each other.

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  • Products and Services: Up-to-date information on products and services are published.
  • Documentation: User guides and other documents are published, which users can put comments on.
  • Forums: Users can take part into discussions or share opinions with each other.
  • Editors' corners: Our editors are collecting a great amount of valuable information on which users can put comments.

What we focus on

  • theory and practices on semantic web
  • methods on data extraction & screen scraping
  • methods on web data schema modeling
  • theory and practices on data mining