Data Schema

Data Schema, or called as data structure, is the meta data explaining what about the data snippets on a target Web page. It semantically annotates data snippets, specifies the attributes of them. All the information are packaged into an XML file named as Data Schema Specification File(DSSF) which can be stored onto the MetaCamp server for collaborative editing. The file is determined uniquely with the combination of its theme name and its Middle Name on the MetaCamp server.

Data Schema is the output of MetaStudio when defining a data schema for a Web page. It is also a start point for MetaSeeker to extract data from the Web because Data and Clue Extraction Rules(DCER) are generated automatically by MetaStudio according the Data Schema.

Because a group of Web pages takes the same presentation format, operators may define a Data Schema once for all the pages. Unfortunately, it not always be this case. What should we do then? Theme shows the way.


Could you pls add a data schema sample

Could you pls add a data schema sample, so we can better understand what a data schema is like, so is the theme.

Many samples in Chinese

If you can read Chinese, there are many samples written in Chinese. On this site, more documents are listed after chaning languages. If you cannot read Chinese, tell us which site you want to extract data from. We can tell you how to do it.