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MetaSeeker Toolkit V3.x is released in form of two different packages, i.e. Enterprise and Online. Online is free for registered users. Compared with V2.x, the performance, usability and compatibility have been greatly improved. Please refer Release Nodes for detailed information.

The client-side tools, MetaStudio and DataScraper, are released as Firefox extensions. They are safe and all I/O operations are implemented with Javascript whose source codes can be read and checked. Before downloading, please read the following carefully:

  • Despite MetaSeeker Toolkit Online is released for free, it is protected by the commercial license.
  • If problems or bugs encountered, please let us know by starting a discussion thread in the forum MetaSeeker Toolkit. Alternatively, you can contact us directly.
  • MetaSeeker servers and services are both online as SAAS. Please go to MetaSeeker Self-Serving Console to register for an account and to download the software.
  • The account and its password will be sent to your email box provided when registering for the MetaSeeker service. If you hadn't received it for a few minutes, you'd better to check if your mail server treated the email as a junk mail. Anyway you are welcome to contact us directly.
  • After having gotten the account, please login MetaSeeker Self-Serving Console to download the toolkit.
  • The account is for accessing Web-based online MetaSeeker services, e.g. downloading latest software, operating client-side tools, etc. It is DIFFERENT from the account to login this site, i.e. GooSeeker. The MetaSeeker online services are hosted on and GooSeeker is hosted on They are two different domains. On how to use the account, please refer MetaSeeker Installation Guide for detailed information.

Mentioned again: Please don't try to login GooSeeker using the account for the online MetaSeeker services. By now one-stop authentication has not been supported.


You are welcome to contact us.