Customized Web Integration Services

MetaSeeker tools are deployed over a Web data extraction network over which the computing load is balanced. So MetaSeeker is very suitable for high-capacity, continuous and instant data extraction which feeds collected data on the fly to some information aggregation service. While MetaSeeker is well structured and there are a lot of technical documents to facilitate the integration, it is still a great challenge. In today's world, time is money. You must want to provide the information aggregation service to your customers as soon as possible. Our Web integration team can help you.

Please tell us your requirements. Our consultants will find an integrated solution, plan the work and carry out it timely and savingly and with high quality. To learn more about the service, please read the following:

What we can do

Since Web service integration is a very complicated work, we subdivide the service into two: Web service integration technical consultation and Web service integration implementation.

Web service integration technical consultation

The scenes for Web service integration are as follows:

  • Web service integration makes use of a lot of Web knowledge and technology;
  • Each integrated system should cope with different requirements coming from different industry areas;
  • Too many modules from different providers should be wired together properly;
  • Web technology evolves very quickly;
  • and so on.
  • All these factors make Web service integration a hard work. It is a hard work to analyze a target system, to design it and to implement it. Lack of experiences make things even worse. What you expected is not what you get. It is a great challenge to wire all parts into one and to run business flows. A lot of failed cases are here and there. For example, the projects can not be closed on time. Too many bugs should be fixed all the way. Even the business flow should be re-implemented. Most of them are caused by lack of required knowledge and experiences.

    In order for customers to integrate MetaSeeker quickly into their Web services, we provide a paid service on Web service integration technical consultation. We'd like to contribute our knowledge and experiences to customers' system integration.
    If you need the service, please contact us. Then a work flow will be initiated to fulfill the task. The most important phases in the flow are shown as follows:

    • Collect and analyze area specific requirements and define the scope of the system.
    • Analyze and design business flows
    • Decompose the target system and distribute system features
    • Compose the components and provide an integrated solution

    Please contact us and tell us your requirements.

    Web service integration implementation

    Web service integration makes use of so much area specific knowledge and experiences and application scenarios are so different that a general product cannot cope with all the requirements. Instead it has differentiated characters as a project, e.g. temporary and unique. As a result project management experiences contribute largely to success of implementing Web service integration. We have built a few professional service teams each led by a project managers certified by PMI to implement integrated Web service system for customers. If you are interested in the service, please contact us.