Deploy MetaStudio & DataScraper

After having started Firefox, Just drag the package named as metastudio.xpi or datascraper.xpi onto the Firefox window to install either extension.

After having restarted Firefox, status information of MetaStudio Installed and DataStore Installed should appear on right of Firefox's status bar. At the same time, two more menu items, MetaStudio and DataScraper are added into Firefox's Tools menu.

Configure MetaStudio and DataScraper

If MetaCamp or DataStore servers would have been installed on other computers, MetaStudio's and DataScraper's menu item of Configure->Server Location should be clicked to reconfigure the two servers' address. The input addresses should be in form of completed URL, for example, or http://localhost:8080/datastore/

Note: After having reconfigured the addresses, MetaStudio should be restarted. In contract, DataStore should never be restarted because reconfiguration takes effects immediately.

On the right of MetaStudio's status bar, connection status is shown. In contrast, it is shown in Status Monitor region at the bottom of the right column of DataScraper. says being connected. says being disconnected.