Professional Web Data Extraction Service

MetaSeeker has a friendly GUI which can ease Web data extraction greatly, which is a differentiated feature compared to other data extraction tools. As a result, much fewer prerequisites on Web knowledge and practices are put on operators. But the operators must still know what are HTML and DOM. At the same time you must bear the cost and schedule postpone resulting from learning curve. It must be a good idea to outsource the Web data extraction tasks to our professional team so that you can focus more on core business.

Please let us know what you want to extract from which Web sites. Our consultants will find a solution to your requirements, draft a plan of the task after evaluating the level of difficulty. After the carryout of the plan, we shall provide you the results stored in a series of XML files by default. We can also transform the results into other forms. To learn more about the service, please read the following:

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