Downloading and deploying

MetaStudio Online V3.x and DataScraper Online V3.x can both be downloaded for free from the MetaSeeker downloading server by all registered users.

Notes: The registered users mentioned here are different from the registered users on GooSeeker(this site). Registeration onto the MetaSeeker server should be performed independently.

After clicking the package name, a window pops up prompting for either opening or saving the package. If the tool is to be installed just following the downloading, users can choose Firefox to open the package. As a result the tool will be installed onto the Firefox.

Alternatively, the package can just be saved locally. Later at any time, the package can be dragged onto a open Firefox window for installation.

After successful installation, "MetaStudio Installed" and "DataScraper Installed" should appear in the status bar of Firefox.

At the same time, two menu items, i.e. "MetaStudio" and "DataScraper", should be added into the menu Tool of Firefox.

Run the tools

When either of the two tools are started at the firt time, a window pops up prompting the user to provide the MetaSeeker account and the password. The user can choose to store the account information locally so that it will not be asked again. The account information is stored in local files in the ${HOME} folder. The names of the files are:

  • .metastudio.conf
  • .datascraper.conf

Monitor the communications

When the two tools are started up, they both try to communicate with MetaCamp and DataStore application servers. The health of the communication is shown on the right of MetaStudio's status bar and is shown in the Status Monitor region at the bottom of the right column of DataScraper. says being connected. says being disconnected.

If is presented, you'd better to check if the addresses of the two application servers are correctly configured on the two client-side tools. Both MetaStudio and DataScraper have menu items Configure->Server Location for the configurations. The input addresses should be in form of completed URL, for example, and The slashs at the end of the URL strings should not be eliminated.

Note: The addresses of the servers have already been correctly configured during installation.

Note: After having reconfigured the addresses, MetaStudio should be restarted. In contract, DataStore should never be restarted because reconfiguration takes effects immediately.

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