MetaSeeker V3.1.0 Release Notes

Compared to V2.0, MetaSeeker Toolkit V3.1.0 has the following notable changes:

  • The toolkit has been packaged into two separate releases, i.e. Enterprise and Online.
    • Particular requirements from enterprise users are considered by Enterprise which is not published as a shrink-wrap software. Instead the release is integrated into Customized Web Integration Solutions
    • Common requirements of Web data extraction and semantic structure definition are considered by Online which can be downloaded and installed for free by all registered users onto the MetaSeeker server. Additionally a bulk of public available server resources are shared by the online users.
  • The proprietary approach, named as FreeFormat, has been implemented, which can sharply improve the compatibility of data extraction instructions and simplify genrating of them.
    • The meta data on the target pages, such as MicroFormat tags or attributes, are fully made use of.
    • FreeFormat goes high beyond the ceiling of Microformat because it can make use of any "marks" on the pages, including any HTML tags and attributes and their values given by their authors at will.
  • Tagging are supported as a trial. Themes, Buckets and Properties can all be tagged with literal strings in specific semantics through the GUI of MetaStudio.
  • An online self-serving application is available to all users.