Transport blogs

You may want to transport your blogs to another more advanced blog platform. In case that the original blog platform doesn't provide APIs to export contents or its database structure is too complicated to export required contents from database directly, MetaSeeker toolkits can save you from manually copying the contents one page by another.

Figure 1(Enlarge)

There are the following components:

  • Original blog platform: It is assumed that the original blog platform did not provide APIs for exporting contents and its database structure was too complicated to export required contents from database directly. If the assumption fails, it is better to use the APIs or the database export tools than MetaSeeker toolkits.
  • MetaSeeker toolkits: A cloud is depicted because MetaSeeker toolkits are always deployed distributedly in a network. The MetaSeeker toolkits extract blogs one by one. Different from ordinary Web spiders, MetaSeeker toolkits store the extraction results in XML files with semantic structures instead of HTML documents.
  • Blog feeder: The component retrieves extraction results from MetaSeeker's server, reformats the contents and feeds them into the new blog platform. The components in this type are from 3rd parties. We can recommend the most suitable one for a specific solution based upon successful cases. There are the following approaches to feed contents:
    1. to call APIs provided by the new blog platform;
    2. to import the transformed contents into new platform's database;
    3. to simulate user's GUI operations of submitting blogs.
    The first two approaches are more effective for the open-source or open-API platforms. For example, approach 2 can be taken to transport blogs to Discuz platform.
  • New blog platform: is the sink for the transportion.