Work Board

MetaStudio provides a set of tools to define data schemas for Web pages, for example, tools for editing a theme, editing a data schema and data extraction rules, editing clue extraction rules etc. The tools are grouped into different tab windows which are called work boards. The work boards are on top-right and are tabbed with the following names:

  • Theme Editor: holds tools to maintain general information on a theme and a data schema, for example, theme name and middle name.
  • Bucket Editor: holds tools to maintain Buckets, Properties and their attributes, mapping relations from data snippets on the sample page to the properties.
  • Clue Editor: holds tools to define clue extraction rules.
  • Filter Editor: holds tools to verify the current Web page against data schema recognition rules.
  • Schema List: holds tools to retrieve and manage data schemas from MetaCamp server.
  • Theme List: holds tools to retrieve and manage themes from MetaCamp server.

Once the operations on the first four work boards have been finished in order, a new data schema is defined.